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$20 Sterilization for cats of low income cat guardians. 

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Animal Guardians of Brevard, Inc. exists “for the love of animals.”  We are an all-volunteer non-profit 501(c)3 corporation whose purpose is to aid homeless and abandoned companion animals.  Our goals are to:
  • Promote responsible pet guardianship through education and counseling,

  • Increase public awareness of companion animal overpopulation and promote the spaying and neutering of every one

  • Enlist community support in providing goods and services to help meet the needs of homeless animals

  • Assist needy pet guardians, when possible, to sterilize, care for, and keep their pets

  • Provide assistance to local animal shelters to improve adoption rates and end the euthanasia of thousands of healthy, adoptable animals.

  • To improve the well-being of all homeless, neglected, abandoned, and unwanted animals, and to work toward a day when there will be No More Homeless Pets.

Formation of Animal Guardians of Brevard was born out of a frustrated desire to see the plight of homeless animals improve.  For a variety of reasons, there are far more companion animals arriving at shelters than there are good homes for them.  Consequently, huge numbers (about 10,000 locally, 6,000,000 nationally) of healthy, well-tempered cats and dogs are euthanized - killed - every year.  Animal Guardians of Brevard thinks that needs to change now.

Since we were formed in 2002, we have helped several hundred animals find homes.  We have arranged and funded sterilization of thousands of cats and dogs who otherwise would have remained intact to breed and create more babies and more misery. We offer financial assistance for people to sterilize their pets at low cost clinics.   We have also facilitated the transfer of hundreds more animals slated for euthanasia from the shelter to rescue organizations.  In addition, we have collected food and other donations for the animals, and distributed educational literature.

We have set up adoption events for many area shelters and rescue groups and have been especially involved with helping our local shelter, the South Animal Care and Adoption Center (SACC).  We have arranged or assisted with adoptions, special events, building improvements, education, animal care, and general support.  
Animal Guardians of Brevard believes that every animal’s life is valuable, and every one born deserves the chance to have a safe and loving lifetime home.  We are entirely dependant upon volunteers and donations to fund everything we do, and all donations go toward local programs.  Please CONTACT US for more information.
Animal Guardians of Brevard (l. to r.):  Dan Wadler (Secretary),  Susan Goodman (Treasurer) with Blackie (looking for a home), Mary E. Peer (President) with Max (also looking for a home),  Dennis L. Peer (Vice President)
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