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"Fix A Kitty" Low-Cost Sterilization Program for Cats 

$20 Sterilization for cats of low income cat guardians. 

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Animal Guardians of Brevard's major programs are directed at controlling animal overpopulation by decreasing the number of animals coming into shelters and increasing the number being adopted out.  

Our SPAY-NEUTER Programs aim to make animal sterilization accessible and affordable throughout Brevard County.  We have provided low cost spay-neuter services through local clinics, a mobile clinic, and financial assistance to eligible pet guardians so they can get their pets sterilized (when funds are available).  FOR MANY YEARS WE WERE THE ONLY PROGRAM IN BREVARD COUNTY that was doing so.  Our Spay-Neuter Programs have sterilized thousands of cats and dogs.  Find out more or get an application for financial assistance.  All of this is a huge financial undertaking and donations are greatly appreciated.  Right now we are desperate for funds and have had to significantly reduce services to needy animals.  Please make a donation today so we can continue our work.

It is imperative that the Brevard County Commission be frequently reminded of the magnitude of the problem of animal overpopulation A comprehensive approach to the problem must be taken to save lives and tax dollars.  The budget for Animal Services averages over $3,000,000, much of which is related to the capture, care, and problems caused directly or indirectly by homeless animals.  Unfortunately, the community's unwillingness or inability to find money, or shift funding from population control through killing to population control through prevention of unwanted births, has prevented meaningful solutions from being implemented.   Let's make sure that changes now.

Adding to the problem is the fact that the county-run shelters are now the ONLY open admission shelters in Brevard (meaning that they take every animal, stray or relinquished, brought to them, anytime, from anyone, for any reason).  All other Brevard shelters are closed admission and can choose which animals they wish to take or reject animals for lack of space.  Those who are turned away often end up at the county shelters or on the streets.  Where else can they go?  On the streets they often suffer greatly and die miserably.  

Both the Central Brevard Humane Society (CBHS) in Cocoa and the SPCA in Titusville have implemented closed admission policies and many strays and relinquished animals they used to take now end up in the county shelters (see statement from CBHS' newsletter).  

 All of this, and Brevard's burgeoning population, has contributed to significant overcrowding at county shelters. The ONLY solution is responsible pet guardianship, including sterilization.  Unfortunately, this has not been a top priority and, in some cases, other projects have consumed scarce resources that might have been put toward desperately-needed spay-neuter programs.  

PLEASE contact your commissioners and let them know how much you want a comprehensive plan to fight animal overpopulation in Brevard.  Otherwise, it will not happen.  Also, please support our spay-neuter programs and other efforts by donating to our organization.  WE ALSO DESPERATELY NEED HELP WITH FUNDRAISING AND PUBLIC RELATIONS.  


Our ADOPTION Program arranged adoption events for area shelters and rescue groups at festivals, local businesses, and other venues, and at the South Animal Care and Adoption Center (SACC).  These fun events had excellent results and hundreds of pets found homes.  They also provided exposure for the participating facilities and an opportunity to educate.  Unfortunately, the County has decided to discontinue these events despite their proven success, and we hope they will reconsider.  Animal Guardians also facilitated the transfer of hundreds more animals slated for euthanasia from SACC to rescue organizations.

Our EDUCATION Program exists to fight ignorance and apathy toward the plight of homeless animals in the community, and teach responsible pet guardianship.   Many people don't spay and neuter their pets based on faulty information.  Others "never get around  to it." Still others do not see pet guardianship as a lifetime commitment, and relinquish pets to shelters for reasons that are treatable or trivial.  Most of these pets will die from illness, lack of space, or a broken heart.

We provide presentations in the community about "Responsible Pet Guardianship and the Role of Spaying and Neutering."  We provide informative brochures and displays on responsible pet guardianship to the general public.  We collaborated with Florida Today to distribute an educational publication to Brevard schoolchildren.  We also provide public service announcements to the local media regularly and believe an educated community is the best way to bring about the changes needed to save lives and prevent suffering.


Our SHELTER ASSISTANCE Program provided supplies and equipment to our local shelter, the South Animal Care and Adoption Center (SACC), and improvements to the physical plant.  Animal Guardians members have volunteered in a variety of ways to enhance client services and contribute to improving life and death statistics.   


Our OTHER Programs have included collecting donations of money and supplies from donation boxes for the animals and local shelters.  We have managed bulletin boards at local businesses that showcase adoptable shelter animals including Wal-Mart, through the Purina/Wal-Mart Very Best Pet Network.  

There is so much to do and we are very grateful our volunteers and donors for their help.  PLEASE HELP OUR EFFORTS TO SAVE LIVES!


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