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This page is dedicated to the many cherished pets who filled our spirits with joy during their lives, and left huge holes in our hearts when they died.   Gone but never forgotten....


You Are Here


I look for you upon my bed, where you loved to sleep 

I look for you by your bowl, where you loved to eat

I look for you in bright sunlight, where you loved to lay

I look for you by your toys, where you loved to play

I look for you around the house, my stomach tied in knots 

I look for you everywhere, in all your favorite spots

I look for you and feel such pain, itís more than I can bear 

I need to hold you in my arms but sadly youíre not there


We had a bond with so much love, we made each other whole 

You were a sweet and gentle cat, a perfect little soul

I canít believe youíd leave me here to grieve year after year 

I canít believe youíd want for me to always shed a tear

So I search in other ways to see if you are near 

I think of you with love and joy and then itís very clear

In lonely times, in quiet times, in times of angst and fear 

If I look within my heart, you are always here


                                                                                             --- Susan  Goodman , 2012


dedicated to friends and family who have lost so many, so quickly

For more poetry and prose by S. Goodman and others please click here.



 You were a sweet little old lady-cat, loved across generations.  We knew you were getting ready to leave us but it was still a shock and we miss you so much.  Say hi to Mom. 


 You were a true fighter, tripod in body, huge in spirit.  You left us long before you should have and we grieve for you.  We will never forget our beloved little Rocker, ever.


You tried so hard to beat a cruel illness, and when you suddenly lost that fight we were devastated.  We will miss you always, our sweet, gentle girl.


Your name was full of hope and we hoped you would be with us forever.  You were an amazing boy and your loss has left a huge hole where our hearts once were.  We miss you terribly, sweet boy.  


You charmed us the moment we met you and broke our hearts when you left.  We will always remember what a wonderful boy you were and how much joy you brought us.  


You came full circle back into my life and my home, but this time you left for good and far too soon.  You will be missed, precious one.


March 26, 1998 - November 12, 2010

A beautiful, loving friend is gone and has left us with a huge void in our hearts and our home.  We miss you terribly, sweet baby boy.

You were my furry boy-cat, my precious little guy

You came into my life one day, and brought me worlds of joy

Now you're gone, I miss you so, more than you could know

   My heart, it hurts.  My soul, it aches, for my dear, sweet baby boy. 

                        See you at the Rainbow Bridge....

Beautiful Faline went to be with Mom on September 11, 2010.  They missed and needed each other, and now they are forever together. 
Sweet Laila crossed the Rainbow Bridge on July 22, 2010.  She never reached old age but she brought great joy to her people during her life.  She is missed every day.
TARA passed away on January 28, 2010 and went to be with Mom.  She was a senior kitty but her loss was sudden and unexpected.  We are consoled that they are together, but we miss them both very much.  
We are saddened by the loss of TRIPPER who recently joined his friend PARKER in that big, warm cat-bed in the sky.  We miss you; the parking lot will not be the same without you.  


May 9, 2002 Ė April 21, 2006 

This is in loving memory of Shadow who came into our lives when he was thirteen years old after being thrown away at the shelter.  Shadow was thrown away because he was a diabetic although we did not know it at the time.  Shadow thrived at our home and lived with us for almost four years before we lost him to his illness.  Sadly, Shadow died in my arms on April 21, 2006.

 Shadow was loved more in those four years than he had ever been in his previous thirteen years.  We miss him dearly and we are happy that he was a part of our lives.  He will always be in our hearts and we miss his beautiful big green eyes that just looked right into your heart.

We miss you Shadow more you will ever know.  Until we are together again we will honor your memory by helping others that are abandoned every day.  Thank you for coming into our lives.




The Rainbow Bridge

We will meet again...

For those of us who truly love and value our pets as best friends and members of the family, their loss can be devastating.  Many people do not appreciate the power of our bond with beings of another species and may discount, or even ridicule, the profound emotions that such a loss can precipitate.  It is essential that people celebrate each pet's life even as we mourn his/her death in whatever way is appropriate.  Society's permission is not necessary to do this and many valuable resources are available to grieving pet parents.  
Grief is a complex emotion and it is difficult enough to experience when surrounded with a strong support network.  Too often in our society, animal companions are of secondary importance and many dismiss their loss as a secondary concern.  

Guilt is commonly associated with the loss of a pet.  People wonder what they could or should have done differently to ease the suffering or lengthen life.  

They fear they might have euthanized their beloved pet too soon - or too late.  They fear their pet may have suffered.  They wonder if people around them may, indeed, be right that they are allowing the death to affect them far too much.

Pets are our fur-babies.  They are often our best friends and our only source of true unconditional love.   They are deserving of our devotion, our gratitude, and our highest respect. 

So long as whatever we do for them is done with their best interests in mind, we have done the right thing.


Many people find solace in sharing their grief with others who truly understand that kind of pain.  Some have chosen to publicly share their expressions of sorrow through prose and poetry.  Here are some beautiful examples to which all of us who have suffered the loss of a beloved animal companion can probably relate:

     Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow - S. Goodman

     Tears and Joy - S. Goodman

      Today - S. Goodman

      Beautiful Friend - S. Goodman

      Afterlife - Unknown

      Heartache - Unknown

      I Lost my Friend - Unknown

      It's Just a Cat - Unknown

      Pet Will - Unknown

     The Last Battle - Unknown

     From Friend to Friend - Unknown

     Request From The Rainbow Bridge - Constance Jenkins

     Beyond the Rainbow - Unknown

     Remember Our Love - Unknown

     You were here - Jenine Stanley

     I'm Still Here - Unknown

     Shadow's Song - Audrey Nickel

     "Wishes" (For Okie) - Kristen Sharer

     I Miss You, My Friend - Unknown

     To Love Again - Unknown



     Local Pet Loss Support Group: 321-777-4546

     Pet Loss Grief Support Page

     Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement

     Best Friends Animal Sanctuary

     Pet Loss Support Page

     Cornell University Veterinary School

    Lightning Strike Pet Loss Support

     Tufts University Veterinary School


We miss you Troubie, Melodie, Nellie, Herman, Shadow, Tanner, Harmony, Cleo, Charmer, Puffer, Isabella, Inky, Asta, Barry, Snowball, George(Tarzan), Bullet, Danny, Blackie, Peko,  Bart, Hammy, Gwinea, Yurtle, Mac, The Quackers, and all the rest who touched our hearts too briefly...


Also dedicated to the millions like Little Sweetie, who never find or keep the safe, loving, forever homes they deserve.  Little Sweetie was a beautiful, loving kitty who was declawed and left to starve in the wilderness, and was rescued too late.   Little Sweetie - I miss you and I'm sorry.

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